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10 Frame Hive Kit Unassembled

10 Frame Kit - Screen - UN - 2-FS.jpg


Looking to add another hive to your apiary? The Standard Kit is designed for someone like you. This kit comes pre drilled with hardware! We strive to provide the cleanest woodware while making it as easy as possible to assemble. 

Kit Includes:
The Hive -
1 x Telescopic Cover
1 x Inner Cover
2 x Medium Supers
2 x Deep Supers
1 x Screen Bottom Board or 1 x Solid Bottom Board
1 x Entrance Reducer
20 x Medium Frames
20 x Deep Frames

What You May Still Need-
1 x Bee Brush
1 x 4x7 Stainless Smoker
1 x Plastic Helmet
1 x Premium Bee Veil With Drawstring Round
1 x Hive Tool
20 x Medium Foundation
20 x Deep Foundation
1 x Package or NUC of Bees
1 x 1/2 lb 1 1/4" Smooth Shank Coated Nail

SKU: C-2-1-122

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