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4x7 Smoker Stainless Removable Can

Round-Top-smoker-1.jpground top smoker
Round-Top-smoker-2.jpgsmoker insideRound-top smoker-can-bottom.jpgsmoker removable can


When honeybees sense smoke in the hive, they will start eating up stored honey in case they need to abandon the hive due to fire. This gorging of honey causes the abdomen to become enlarged making it harder for honeybees to sting. The smoke also camouflages alarm pheromones.

From our experience, smokers are essential tools for beekeepers. This particular stainless steel smoker is of high-quality construction. It has a domed top and removable, ventilated inner can. The ventilation allows for better air flow to keep the smoker lit longer and the removable can allows for easier cleaning. It also has a built-in hanging hook, wire shield for protection from burns and leather bellows with metal trim for extra durability.

Once lit, just puff a bit of smoke at the entrance and top of the hive.

4” wide by 7” tall.

SKU: removablecansmoker4x7

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