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5 Frame Deep Hive Kit

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Our 5 Frame Deep Hive Kit is handmade out of clear pine lumber. We individually select the clearest lumber we can to build the boxes. The 5 frame deep box is a great addition to any bee yard with uses such as: swarm traps, queen rearing, splitting hives, or starting packages.


Queen Rearing

We reccomend everyone in our Black Fork Bee Club have a 5 frame deep hive kit setup, this works great as a method of raising queens, either to sell or to have on hand in preperation for the untimelly accident of rolling or smashing your queen while working you hive.

New Hive/Split

The 5 frame deep hive kit is a great way to start off a new hive or splitting and existing hive. We have found through our practice that the hive likes to stay tighter, by starting off a new hive or a split in a 5 frame box the hive seems to get establihed quicker.

Swarm Catcher

With this small lightweight form factor of the 5 frame box you are able to hang this from a tree limb or set it up on something off the ground with a little bit of attractant in it and it works great as a swarm trap. We have found that a good use for those unused deer stands work great for a swarm catcher platform

What is in the Kit:

SKU: B-2-3-124

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