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EasyVap Oxalic Acid Vaporizing Torch

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Are you as tired of carrying a heavy 12 volt battery around to power your vaporizer as we are? Well look no farther, we have worked to develop a small portable Butane powered Vaporizer. The Butane torch can also double as a smoker igniter!
Please note: We build these in house and have been receiving heavy amount of orders so please allow a couple weeks for shippment. We will keep you updated as soon as we can get the vaporizer shipped.
  1.  Portable and lightweight!
  2. Can do 60 treatments before it needs refilled
  3. Vaporizes Oxalic Acid in 40-50 seconds!
  4. Quickly move to another hive with our included second cap. 
  5. Keeps all the heat outside the hive.

Kit Includes:

  1. Butane Torch
  2. Vaporizing Chamber
  3. 2 Caps
  4. Measuring Cup with cleaning rod
  5. Can of Butane
  6. Oxalic Acid
Operating Instructions
  1. Ensure the torch is full of Butane. (Figure 3)
  2. If it is not, use the included can of Butane to fill the torch by pressing the fill nozzle in the bottom butane fill port on the torch. (Figure 3)
  3. ​Push the Torch into the Vaporizer combustion chamber until it just goes past the notch in the bottom (Figure3).
  4. Set the flame on the torch. To do so push in the lock on the side of the torch to unlock the trigger which will fire the torch. (Figure 2) The red knob on the back is the flame adjustment. Turn the knob down until just the tip of the flame is touching the vapor chamber. (figure 1)
  5. Flip one (or both) Oxalic Acid caps (Figure4) upside down so you can fill it with Oxalic Acid. The Included measuring cup is 1 gram, so use 1 scoop for every 10 frame deep super on your hive.
  6. Now that you have the Torch filled with Butane and attached to the Vaporizing Chamber and the caps are loaded with the Oxalic Acid you are ready to vaporize your hive. 
  7. To Load the Oxalic Acid into the Vaporizer, flip the torch and vaporizer combo upside down and push the cap onto the vapor chamber so you don’t spill any of the Oxalic Acid.
  8. With the cap securely pushed onto the vapor chamber you can turn the torch and vaporizer back upright which will allow the Oxalic Acid to fall to the bottom of the vapor chamber. 
  9. We have drilled a 7/16” hole in the back of our hives which allow you to work from the back without getting in the way of the bees. (Figure 5)
  10. You can stick the tube in the back of the hive and then ignite the torch and start your timer. (Figure 5)
  • After a couple of treatments, you will need to cool the vaporizer down to ensure proper timing. You may either use a damp rag to cool it or carry a bucket of water and dip only the vaporizer (not the torch) in water to cool it.
  • The Vapor Tube will, over time accumulate crystallized Oxalic Acid, The included measuring cup’s handle is a cleaning ram rod to ensure the vapor tube remains clear. 


  • By purchasing the vaporizer you are agreeing that you understand the risks involved. Weller Bee Supply is not responsible for any harm which may come from using the product. Oxalic Acid if used in the wrong manner can cause harm or death.
  • Butane is an explosive gas, use with caution!
  • Using this vaporizer will cause the metal parts to become extremely hot and can cause burns.
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