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Standard 8 Frame Kit - Assembled - Screen Bottom

10 Frame Kit - AS.jpg


The Standard Kit is designed for someone who is looking to adding a hive to their already existing apiary.

**Assembled Kits are only available for in-store pickup.**

Kit Includes:

The Hive -
1 x Telescopic Cover
1 x Inner Cover
2 x Medium Supers
2 x Deep Supers
1 x Screen Bottom Board
1 x Entrance Reducer
16 x Medium Frames
16 x Deep Frames

What You May Still Need-
1 x Bee Brush
1 x 4x7 Stainless Smoker
1 x Plastic Helmet
1 x Premium Bee Veil With Drawstring Round
1 x Hive Tool
1 x Package or NUC of Bees
16 x Medium Foundation
16 x Deep Foundation

SKU: B-2-2-122

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