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Warre Hive Kit

Warre_Hive_Kit.jpgWarre hive Kit
Warre_Hive_Candy_Board.jpgWarre Hive Hive Top FeederWarre_Hive_Deep_Super.jpgWarre Deep SuperWarre_Hive_Lid.jpgWarre Telescopic CoverWarre_Hive_Quilt_Box.jpgWarre Quilt BoxWarre_Hive_Screen_Bottom_Board.jpgWarre Screen Bottom Board


A Warre hive kit is a vertical Top-Bar Hive. The frames used in this hive are designed like the top-bar where they are just a wedge of wood that the bees build their own comb directly on. The over all footprint of the Warre Hives are smaller than Langstroth Hives, allowing them to be placed virtually anywhere. The creator made the hive to be close to their natural environment, while focusing on simplicity and ease of management.


Kit Includes:

  • 1 Telescopic Cover
  • 1 - Quilt Box
  • 1 - Hive Top Feeder
  • 4 - Deep Supers
  • 1 - Screened Bottom Board
  • 32 - Frame Bars
SKU: WarreKit

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