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Wedged Top Bar - Deep Frame - Wood

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Wooden frames and beeswax foundation are the most classic and historical types of frames and foundation used for standard Langstroth hives. Our Wedged Top Bar frame is made from commercial grade strong, sturdy pine. They feature interlocking top and bottom bars. The top and bottom bars fit tightly with the end bars, however, we highly recommend to secure them with extra nails for increased durability. The Wedged Top Bar frame has a small horizontal piece of wood (“the wedge”) attached to the top bar. It can be pried off and nailed back on once the foundation hooks are placed. This wedge is the piece that holds the foundation securely to the top bar of the frame.

Wedged Top Bar frame Benefits

An extra benefit of wedged top bars is that they are easy to clean when replacing comb. To clean, we recommend to use a frame cleaning tool. Or another method we have found effective is we boil our frames, this allows for multiple cleaned at once ad also ensure anything that may be on the frame is killed.

Supporting the Foundation

Our Wedged Top Bar frame also has 2 holes evenly spaced in the middle of the end bars. These holes can be used either for cross-wiring wired beeswax foundation or unwired beeswax foundation. Another option is to use support pins. The bottom bars come with a single groove which can accommodate any type of foundation. They do not need to be painted as they will be inside the hive.



Top Bars

The top bars measure 19” long by 1.125” wide

Bottom Bars

The bottom bars measure 17.75” long by .75” wide.

How to Assemble a Frame

More Videos on our Instructional Video Page


*Foundation Not Included*

SKU: B-2-4-015

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